Global's H1N1 Update – 04/27/10

The next update will be on Thursday, April 29th, at 0830 hrs PST.

The WHO Pandemic Alert level remains at Phase 6

Influenza A (H1N1) Cases and Deaths*

WHO Map 04.04.10

*Cases reported by The World Health Organization (WHO) are as of April 4, 2010

National News

Overall influenza activity has continued to be low for at least 17 consecutive weeks.  Only one specimen (out of 1,379) tested positive for pandemic H1N1 2009 in the third week of April.  No new H1N1-related hospitalizations and deaths have been reported this week.  To date, only 14 hospitalizations and two deaths have occurred across Canada since the beginning of 2010.  As of week 14, influenza activity level in the Southern Hemisphere continues to be low in general.  Of note, however, in Chile, there was evidence of early localized pandemic influenza virus transmission in advance of the usual start of the southern hemisphere winter influenza season.  PHAC FluWatch

International News

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has reported that the number of children in West Australia who had convulsions or fever and vomiting after receiving a seasonal flu vaccine that covers the pandemic strain has grown to 251.  Officials say the immunizations likely came from multiple batches.  Queensland is also investigating the possibility of adverse reactions in children, and police in Brisbane are probing the death of a recently vaccinated 2-year-old, according to other ABC reports.  ABC

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