Canadians take home top EMS prize

The Magen David Adom (MDA) EMS championship is held every two years and is the largest competition of its kind in the world. In June, 45 paramedic teams from 15 countries met in Israel to decide who was the most honed, the most effective, and the most highly trained emergency medical responder. Each team is provided with a fully stocked ambulance and is evaluated for its ability to respond to en emergency, to prepare and arrive on the scene, and to improvise once they’ve initiated a response. Over three days, the crews traveled over 1000 kilometres from Carmel to Gilboa responding to 12 full-scale staged calls in temperatures that climbed as high as 45°C in the shade.

The winners were Severo Rodriguez, Dwayne Cottel, Jeff Conway and Dr. Yaniv Berliner: an active EMS team representing Canada from London, Ontario.

“It was a privilege to represent our communities and country. To hear the Canadian national anthem played in honour of our victory was the thrill of a lifetime for team members,” said Severo Rodriguez. The Toronto Sun

The Canadian team distinguishes itself as the best the world at providing advanced-level, pre-hospital care

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