Practice Turns to the Real Thing for Ontario CPR Students

The medical training field is full of stories of men, women, even children who collapse of a cardiac arrest and die while worried bystanders helplessly watch because they don’t know what to do. Sometimes –not often, but sometimes– the inverse happens like it did for the luckiest unlucky man in Ottawa last week:

A middle-aged man suffering from a heart attack while playing volleyball at Britannia Park collapsed when he went into cardiac arrest. Members of his family called 911 and bystanders ran to the nearby community centre for help.

Inside were almost 100 members of the Canadian Ski Patrol taking a refresher course for their CPR and defibrillator training.

Members of the Canadian Ski Patrol rushed to aid a cardiac arrest victim while training in the off-season to manage... cardiac arrests.

Brian Chisamore, an 18 year veteran of the paramedic service was teaching the two-day class when, he said, a park goer “came back in and said ‘Someone is dying in the park.’” Chisamore and several patrollers dropped their training equipment and picked up a response bag to help. For 10 minutes, he and his ad hoc team administered CPR and AED shocks to restart the man’s heart. Chisamore said “It was a team effort,” and by the time the ambulance had arrived, “the patient was gaining colour and that’s the best outcome.”

By Sunday, the patient had good vital signs and was preparing to transfer to the Ottawa Hospital Heart Institute for follow-up care.

Stories like these aren’t as common as they deserve to be, but it’s nice to celebrate them when they happen.  CBC News

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