New Study Finds Mercury-Preserved Vaccines do not Cause Autism

Researchers have published a study in the American Pediatrics journal that concludes there is no link between prenatal and infant exposure to thimerosal -containing vaccines and autism. The study sample included 256 autistic children and 752 who did not have autism but were matched for age and gender, and then examined their medical history in terms of exposure to the mercury-derived preservative. Those children who were most exposed to thimerosal, either prenatally or in infancy, were no more or less likely to develop autism, an autism spectrum disorder or autism spectrum disorder with regression than those who were the least exposed to the thimerosal.

The study comes after the public discrediting, earlier this year, of another report that claimed a positive link between the onset of autism and measles-mumps-and-rubella (MMR) vaccines. That report was not concerned with thimerosal, but argued that the virus cocktail of MMR vaccines might trigger the disease. The research was later found to be so flawed that it a disciplinary body revoked the medical licence of its chief author.

This latest report “is a very reassuring study,” said Dr. Michael J. Smith, a pediatrician at the University of Louisville School of Medicine who has a fully vaccinated two-month-old at home “These data show that you could receive a thimerosal vaccine and not be concerned about it.”

“This study adds to a large body of evidence indicating that early thimerosal exposure through vaccination does not cause autism,” said Dr. Geraldine Dawson, Chief Science Officer for Autism Speaks, an awareness and advocacy group for children with autism.

Smith and Dawson did not take part in the research. Reuters

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