Tom’s Ft. Nelson Visit with Global’s Paramedic Crews

I’ve recently returned from a long-overdue site visit to our paramedics stationed northeast of Ft. Nelson. In preparation for the trip, I realized that the weather in northern BC can be unpredictable. A city slicker like me had best do some research on the forecast. To my pleasant surprise, the forecast indicated sunny skies and high temperatures of 12°C each day with a low of 0°C. Compared to my previous trip –high of -24°C and low of -35°C– this was going to be downright balmy!

I arrived on Monday afternoon and promptly realized that my cell phone was not going to work for the duration of my trip. The nearest Rogers cell tower is almost 200 km. away in Alberta. While I tried to recover from being cut off, I took the opportunity to visit with a number of vendors from around Ft. Nelson. It was great to re-acquaint myself with the town and to visit with all those who help keep the GMS paramedic program running.


Keeping to our timetable meant a lot pre-dawn starts to the day. The remote roads are easily bottlenecked when there's construction. The silver lining was to view some spectacular sunrises.

The next day we hit the road early –3:45am– to ensure that we did not get caught behind construction delays. The drive was uneventful and we made it to camp in time for breakfast. While in camp, I met with our paramedics, reviewed our processes and met with camp safety personnel. I’m pleased to report that our paramedics are continuing to provide great service and that the camp is very pleased. Our Advanced Care Paramedic in camp gave me a tour of the facilities. While things are a bit slower this time of year, there was still ample work going on.

Mama & her two cubs getting ready for the winter.

On Wednesday morning, we were up early again: 4:15am PST. The camp works on Mountain Time despite being in BC. After a last review of our to do list, we hit the road back to Ft. Nelson. We had a beautiful sunrise and this time we had the good fortune of seeing a family of black bears: a mother and her two cubs. Once back in Ft. Nelson, I had a chance to meet up with another safety company that we work with from time to time. It was great to catch up and discuss what we see happening the coming winter.

While the journey was relatively short, it was well worth the time. I’m already looking forward to my next trip north towards the end of winter/early spring.



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