Heart Month

Diana Pozza, Director of Corporate Relations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon recieves a $500 cheque from Global's VP, Vern Biccum

Heart Disease and Stroke are, unsurprisingly, primary causes of death in Canada. According to the most recent Statistics Canada survey from 2007, they are responsible for 129,139 annual deaths (28% of all Canadian deaths) and there is evidence that this number is dramatically growing. With obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes on the rise, heart disease is expected to swell in upcoming generations. Heart and stoke prone ethno-cultural communities like Aboriginals are growing and our national demographic is ageing with the Baby Boomers. Also, lifestyle changes have led to sedentary work environments, poor diets, high sodium intake and increased stress which all contribute to heart disease and stroke. We are facing what the Heart and Stroke Foundation calls the “Perfect Storm”.

Each year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation organizes Hearth Month, one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Canada in the battle against these two killers. Heart Month brings together tens of thousands of Canadians who volunteer and donate to raise funds for this worthy cause. As it is an issue that is very significant and personal to us, Global donated $500 from our month’s AED sales. We value and appreciate the hard work the Heart and Stroke Foundation is doing and we are thankful to have them as a partner against heart and stroke disease.

About Matt Renwick

Student at Queen's School of Business studying finance and consulting. Summer position as Project Support Specialist at Global Medical Services and Consulting.

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