Our Second Home in Surrey – Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre

On June 1st, the new Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre (“Pattison Outpatient Centre”) opened its doors and welcomed the first patients to the Fraser Health facility in Surrey, BC. This day celebrated the years of hard work it took to plan, organize and develop this facility to improve the outpatient experience and reduce pressure on nearby Surrey Memorial Hospital.

This facility is recognized as the first of its kind in British Columbia where day surgery, diagnostic procedures, biopsies, and specialized health programs all co-exist under one roof. This innovation complements the centre’s new technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment like the express check-in kiosks, MRI, CT scanners, and additional diagnostic equipment. As a testament to Surrey’s ethnically diverse community, the facility contains a culturally sensitive interior design, non-denominational sacred space, and multi-lingual express check-in kiosks programmed in seven languages including English, Punjabi, Chinese and more.

A number of existing programs/services/clinics have moved to the Pattison Outpatient Centre from Surrey Memorial Hospital and are joined by new programs unique to Fraser Health including:

  • Positive Health Clinic: the first comprehensive HIV / AIDS / Hepatitis C program within Fraser Health.
  • Breast Health Clinic: aims to diagnose breast cancer within 21 days as supported by the triple assessment (mammogram and/or ultrasound, physical exam, and tissue sample) often done in one visit.
  • Anti-coagulation management clinic: patients with clotting and/or bleeding problems can come to this clinic for management of blood thinning medication levels.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL): patients undergo a non-invasive treatment that uses shock waves to break a kidney stone into smaller pieces for easier transmission through the urinary tract.

Now where does Global Medical Services fit into all of this? Dr. Allan Holmes and members of the Global team (including myself) have been extensively involved in this project since September 2010. Services offered by Global include development of medical emergency response guidelines specific to the facility as well as engagement of physicians to improve overall participation in the project through:

  • Development of a framework for collaborative relationships to foster the vision and culture of the Pattison Outpatient Centre between physicians and Fraser Health;
  • Conduction focused orientation sessions for physicians to tour the Centre, learn about the different clinics/programs, obtain specialized computer training, and network with other physicians;
  • Development and support for physicians providing subject-matter expertise in the project; and
  • Assistance in the implementation and improvement of clinics and services by working with physicians and Fraser Health to develop a patient-centered delivery system.

Our involvement in this project has been an insightful and rewarding experience knowing this facility will improve patient care in one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. As a former resident of Surrey, it has been really exciting for me to work on a project that directly affects the community that I grew up in and where most of my family still lives.  I am proud when my grandparents inform me of their positive experiences at the Pattison Outpatient Centre and the high level of care they received.

Our long-standing work for Fraser Health has led Global to a number of exciting opportunities such as the Pattison Outpatient Centre and we look forward to continuing this partnership as we begin work on the physician engagement piece of the expansion and redevelopment of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department (2013) and the new Critical Care Tower (2014). This project will improve the delivery of acute patient care while complementing the outpatient services and programs at the Pattison Outpatient Centre.

For more information regarding the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre located in Surrey, please visit: http://fraserhealth.ca/about_us/building_for_better_health/jim_pattison_outpatient_care_and_surgery_centre/

For more information regarding the expansion and redevelopment of Surrey Memorial Hospital, please visit: http://fraserhealth.ca/about_us/building_for_better_health/surrey_memorial_hospital/

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About Shannon Saito

After finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) at the University of British Columbia, Shannon joined the Global Medical team in September 2012 as the Business Development Coordinator to support the Vice-President in developing, implementing, and overseeing Global’s marketing strategies and business development projects.

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