Jim Pattison Gives Global Medical a Big Thumbs Up!

On Wednesday June 29th, 2011, Vancouverites were granted a rare audience with one of Canada’s most successful businessmen, Jim Pattison.

In an informal and very candid interview setting, Jimmy gave those in attendance invaluable nuggets of insight into how he has become one of the country’s greatest sources of pride.  Interestingly, many of his suggestions and shared best practices are already in place here at Global.  Allow me to show you what I mean.

Jimmy puts client satisfaction first.

Emphasizing that a focus on customer satisfaction comes before a focus on profits, Jimmy helps us steer clear of a common trap that trips up many a good company.

We could not agree more with this statement.   Were it not for our client base, we would not be here.   We are always looking for ways to respond to our clients’ needs in a way that exceeds expectations.   To us, business is about long-term relationships, and those can only be achieved through exceptional service delivery.

Jimmy borrows lessons from other cultures.

He credits the Toyoda family, of Toyota car fame, with instilling within him the importance of customer service.

We too borrow from the Japanese, in particular as we apply their philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement.  In all that we do, we look for ways to improve and enhance our ability to deliver services.

Jimmy chimes in about British Columbia.

Suggesting that one of his favourite moments in life is when he is on final approach into Vancouver International Airport after a trip, Jimmy reminds us of the pride we should take in living in this beautiful province.

Founded in Vancouver in 1998, Global wouldn’t think of moving anywhere else in the world.  This is our home, and in our view, any other place we might need to be can be easily reached by plane.

Jimmy makes mistakes. 

Jimmy cites one of his biggest business mistakes as passing on the chance to secure distribution rights to the VW Beetle. At the time, he was firm in the belief that the car simply “would never sell”.

We especially like this one, as to be sure, we have, and will again, make mistakes as we grow our business.   The key for us will be how we respond to these experiences by drawing on the lessons learned.

 Jimmy is still learning.

Suggesting that, at the age of 82, he is just getting started and has much to learn, he reminds us of the importance of continuous personal development and improvement.

At the core of Global, is the recognition that learning is a lifelong process.   It’s one of our core values, and we incent staff to further their knowledge through study.  Put simply, if we are to survive as a company, we must be able to evolve and adapt to changing business tides.  The best way to do so, is to arm your team with knowledge and know how.

So, there we have it, Jimmy supports Global’s approach to business!

With such obvious synergy between Jimmy and Global, is it any wonder that we find ourselves working together?  As of June 1st, the new Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre opened its doors in Surrey.  For months prior to the opening, and for the foreseeable future, a team of Global resources, led by Dr. Allan Holmes, have been working hard to assist with the facility in the area of physician stakeholder engagement.

In a brief encounter with Dr. Holmes, Jimmy told him simply “keep up the good work”.

Rest assured Jimmy, we will.  And thanks for the nod!

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