Home Sweet Home

Global continues to grow in all five core departments: medical education, AED programs, paramedic services, physician engagement and clinical care & consultation. Accordingly,we have needed to expand our offices.

Old & New. From top left going clockwise: old office packed up and ready to go, workstations at the new office, Nick Chan trapped, reception in the new office building

Our new building, located at at 1644 West 3rd Avenue will be a major improvement from our old office which was just four blocks away. The new office has additional workspace for new employees as well as a more open layout concept. We expect to expand our team to better serve our
customer’s needs.

All settled into their new home. From top left going clockwise: Tom Puddicombe, Katherine Peter, Michael Galasso & Mary George, Nancy Oakley

Also, we are excited to offer two new classrooms for our medical education program. Each is equipped with comfortable seating, an interactive whiteboard, a projector, all the necessary medical training equipment and a common break room. We can’t wait for them to be tested out.

New Classroom

Everything is back to normal and we look forward to serving our clients in the best way we can. We welcome all to visit our new offices and we’d be happy to give a tour!

About Matt Renwick

Student at Queen's School of Business studying finance and consulting. Summer position as Project Support Specialist at Global Medical Services and Consulting.

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