Chips, drives, and bravado!

No, not another NFL Sunday; rather Global’s annual summer golf tourney and BBQ!

For the fifth straight year, a fearsome collection of foursomes (or threesomes as the case may be), made their up the hill to take on Vancouver’s renown pitch and putt course at Queen Elizabeth Park.

And the greens did not disappoint!  Dry, sloping, and otherwise unpredictable, they generated enough “oooohs”, and “ahhhhhs” from players that passers-by could be forgiven for thinking a tennis match was ongoing within the park grounds.

In the end, tournament team organizer Tom and his hand-selected team of Simon, Janine, and Nancy pulled out a victory (-5) the likes of which the PGA/LPGA would be proud.

Per tradition, the golf-off was followed by a trip to Locarno beach where Ray from Encore Catering put on another barbecuing clinic and kept winners and runners-up alike contently fed.

Frisbee, socializing, and Bocce ensued.

Based on the photos, it appears that a ball was had by all.

Here’s looking forward to next year!

About vbtwocents

Rubber band manufacturer with a penchant for space travel and hyrdothermal vent exploration.

One response to “Chips, drives, and bravado!”

  1. Garrett Chong says :

    Well Done Team GMS!

    Drive for Show and Putt for Dough… You sure had some nice weather.
    Great team building and camaraderie.

    Garrett Chong
    ISI Branding

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