A New Way to Hire

At Global we are serious about finding the right people for our team. So serious, in fact, that we have developed a unique hiring method that asks applicants to work for the opportunity to get an interview. Applicants who pass the initial resume/cover letter review are asked to participate by completing a series of assignments that generally include an essay answering some “get-to-know-you” type questions, a series of scenario questions that relate to the job being posted, and some job-specific  tests. Our receptionist had to complete a priority setting exercise and a document formatting assignment, for example. Our Executive Assistant was required to complete exercises in MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint to demonstrate their level of skill using the software. Our Sales Representative was asked to do research on Global AED’s and do a sales presentation for the interview panel. On average, applicants have told us the job assignments take 2-5 hours to complete.

Ingrid Vaughan, our HR Manager at Global, has developed these tools to assist in weeding out those applicants who aren’t serious about wanting to work for a company like Global. “If they’re not prepared to do the work,” she says, “they aren’t a fit for Global.” This process has streamlined Global’s recruitment process and created short lists of exceptional candidates. Over 100 people applied for a recent posting for a receptionist position. Only 25 followed specific instructions set out in the posting and they were invited to do the assignments. Out of those, only 13 opted to do the work. From those, seven were chosen for interviews.

Global’s Office Manager, Lynda Fletcher commented on the quality of the candidates who were selected for interviews. “I’ve never experience anything like this.” she said. “I felt like I knew every one of the candidates before they even came through the door. The caliber of people we are seeing with this process blows me away.”

In the last three months, we have hired four new team members using this unique process. Without exception, each has proven their value to the team and the company within weeks of their start dates, and their fit with the Global team has been seamless.

So why are we going to all this trouble? It’s a lot more work than reading through resumes. “We’re serious about bringing the right people on board,” Ingrid says. “And we’re willing to put in the extra time and effort to determine who will be the best fit for us. So far, it’s working splendidly!”

Innovation is one of Global’s core values, and this innovative new way to hire has made quite a splash with job seekers as well. “I want to work for a company that goes to this much trouble to find the right fit.” said one candidate. Others emailed us to thank us for the opportunity to go through the process. Even those who were not successful in getting interviews let us know that the experience had given them greater clarity as they moved on in their job search.

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