Business Fraser Valley Showcases GMS

Recently Global Medical has been featured within Business Fraser Valley Newspaper as part of our drive to educate professionals as well as the public on medical direction. At Global Medical we pride ourselves in building health education and awareness. We put our best foot forward to create a better future for the whole country.

Read the full article below:

Global Medical Services Ltd. aims to be the health and emergency preparedness experts in the Canadian marketplace. Since its inception in 1998 it has moved forward dramatically toward achieving that goal. Global Medical Services is a diversified company involved in a variety of activities. The company is currently the number two distributor in Canada for two brands of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), used for people experiencing cardiac arrest.

Dr. Allan Holmes, who founded the company, believes that AEDs should be widely available and accessible. A natural evolution of distribution of AEDs was public education on their use. Company vice president Vern Biccum explains, “We don’t just sell units, we teach people how to use them and we make sure they’re put in the right places. They’re no good if they’re buried away in a corner somewhere.”

The next extension of services was educating nurses, doctors and other health professionals, primarily around the subject of cardiac events. Then came the addition of consulting services. Biccum explains that currently the most topical area of consultation is physician engagement: getting feedback and involvement from them when there is a health authority plan of significant scale.

Global Medical Services also provides medical direction and oversight for the AED program for a variety of groups including 133 fire departments in the province. When a fire department responds to an incident and uses an AED, the unit retains the data. Global Medical Services reviews the data and provides training feedback as need to enhance the care delivered.

The company also does advocacy work for two of the largest fire departments in the province. In addition, Global Medical provides paramedic services to the oil and gas industry in Northeastern British Columbia.

Moving forward into the future, the company vision includes being the number one health and emergency preparedness company in the country.

“We recognize that we can’t be everything to everyone,” Biccum says. “But we certainly want to receive the call for help. If we can, we’ll do it; if not, we’ll direct them to those who can. We continue to grow and build our infrastructure and optimize and improve the delivery systems we have.”

Global Medical Services Ltd. is at 1644 West 3rd Street in Vancouver.

Not enough for you? Check out the source here (pg. 11) in all its glory:

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