When an Apple really isn’t an Apple

If someone were to ask you “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of October?” The three most likely responses would be:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • My Birthday (if your birthday is in October that is)

At Global Medical Services we don’t want to forget about these wonderful days, but we would like there to be a fourth option on that exclusive list. Next time someone asks you that question we hope you will say “October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness month… oh and I almost forgot, my birthday is on the 17th!”

Now what’s the big deal? You’re probably thinking “why do Sudden Cardiac Arrests need any more awareness? Every movie or crime show I see these days throws that term around.” Now that may be true, but as we know Hollywood usually isn’t too accurate and we have statistics to back that up!

First things first, a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is not a type of heart attack, that would be like comparing Apples to Oranges. SCA occurs when the heart has an “electrical malfunction” and stops pumping blood to the rest of the body. A heart attack occurs when the heart has a “plumbing problem” where a blockage prevents the flow of blood to the heart.

I bet you didn’t know that, and according to statistics neither does 70% of the population.

As a leader in the development of medical education; it is our responsibility at Global to place social responsibility first. We believe by learning about SCA you can understand the importance of knowing the difference and even help prevent and treat SCA. Knowing the difference, combined with the right tools such as knowledge of CPR and an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), you can administer life saving care to those who need it.

To find out more information about SCA Awareness month and why it is important to know the differences between Apples  and Oranges, please visit the Heart Rhythm Society’s webpage.


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