Living Our Values Award

Every company has a culture and a foundation upon which it is built. Values underpin that culture and guide the company in its decision-making and policy development. Global is dedicated to empowering every one of our employees.

In light of us striving to live what we do, we have created the Living Our Values Award (LOVA). The LOVA is a reflection of our corporate culture and what it means to be a part of this team. Every two weeks the award passes to an individual who goes above and beyond, someone who embraces our values and becomes the very best of themselves.

After two weeks the current holder of the award chooses who they would like to give the award to. With each passing of the award our corporate culture and values become more defined. Since beginning in August, the LOVA has passed to five individuals who have embraced values such as teamwork, quality and professionalism.

To find out who the current LOVA award holder is, please head to our website. Also you can see a full list of Living Our Value Award recipients as well as pictures:

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One response to “Living Our Values Award”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Love the LOVAs, keep ’em coming!

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