Zhōnggúo, wǒmen hěn kuài lái!

Later this month our very own Vern Biccum will be heading off to China. He will be joining the 8th Royal Roads University Global Alumni Celebration. The cities of Zhuhai and Macao will be on display as he discovers opportunities to meet new contacts and network with other alumni from all over China.

Throughout Zhuhai and Macao Vern will experience the history and culture of the country. He will taste the food, share in the customs and meet highly regarded provincial officials. All the while Vern will be able to get an inside look at the growing business opportunities in Zhuhai and Macao.

International business is still booming. China’s economic engine shows no signs of stopping in the near future. Vern will have an excellent first-hand view to learn about the inner workings of local business projects as well as the development of the local business community. To further understand the Chinese economy, Vern will experience and participate in forums on economic and business management.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this trip will be to develop business contacts. The networking opportunities will be vital. Now is the time to develop cooperative relationships for Global Medical Services. By cultivating these relationships now, we hope to pave the way for long-lasting partnerships.

We at Global believe that learning is a lifelong process. The world evolves rapidly. What applied yesterday may no longer apply today. We must continually invest in ourselves through our learning. Vern will be living this value fully during his travels.

Màn màn zǒu Vern!

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