Global Core Value #1 – Honesty, above all else


What does honesty look like at Global? Encouraging people to tell the truth. If we believe something is good (or bad) for our clients, we are truthful so that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions. If our employees need support, we want them to tell us rather than pretending things are OK. If we make mistakes, we are accountable for them – own up to them and move on.

Honesty shows up in the little things too. Returning a borrowed item on time, following through on a promise or commitment, or being genuine in relationships. Honesty means seeking the truth and not relying on assumptions. It means not taking short-cuts, even if it’s easier to do so. It means authenticity and integrity – that what you say and what you do are congruent. It means demonstrating consistency in our work ethic – working as hard when someone isn’t noticing, as when someone is. It means creating honest accounts of our time and treating our clients fairly.

At Global, we encourage honest conversations – both the ones that encourage, and the ones that challenge us to be better. We strive for honesty in our decisions, our relationships with one another, and our communication.

Honesty is truly at the core of how we want to do business and how we relate to one another.

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