Global Core Value #2 – Client-focus is at our core


Clients are a big deal at Global. We’re always talking about them, thinking about them, and working hard for them. One of the first things I noticed when I joined the Global team was how much clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Not all of us on staff are “client-facing”, in other words, we don’t all talk to or deal with clients on a daily basis, but we all know who we’re working for!

At our monthly staff meetings we report on each of our five service areas, and without fail, those reports include how we are meeting our clients’ needs, or where we might need to step it up to meet their needs.

Our founder and President, Dr. Allan Holmes, recently told the staff the story of how and why he started Global Medical Services 14 years ago. It was to meet a need, and meeting client needs continues to be the heartbeat of Global today. Our philosophy of being responsive to client needs shows up in how we hire, how we focus our teams, and how we structure the company.

We want to be #1 in our clients’ eyes. We want their trust so that they keep doing business with us, and speak well of us in the industry. That takes hard work and we’re 100% committed to it.

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