Global Core Value #3 – Quality is key

There we go talking about clients again! In my previous post I talked about how important clients are to us at Global, and this core value builds on that one. I recently worked on creating a series of posters expressing our core values that we want to have around the office so that employees come face to face with them every day. When it came to the poster on quality, I struggled to find an image that truly represented what we are trying to do and how we approach quality work for our clients. Then I came across this image. 

It jumped out at me as a simple, yet poignant snapshot about what it means to pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions. If you were to walk on to this green, it’s highly unlikely you’d notice one blade of grass not quite cut to specifications, and yet, the scissors are out, ensuring that even this last detail is not overlooked. That’s how we approach quality.

Are we successful all the time? No, we are only human after all. Do we commit 100% to trying to be there all the time? A resounding YES! It’s the little things – the things that no one notices – that make the difference in the end to the client. It’s a commitment to dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”, to adding special value and to doing it until it’s right. Good enough, isn’t good enough. At Global, we’re committed to GREAT!

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