Global Core Value #5 – Teamwork leads to exceptional output


The importance of a dynamic team cannot be overstated as it pertains to a company’s overall success. Just look at companies that are doing well and you’ll see there is a direct correlation between the company’s success, and how employees feel about working there. Global is on a mission to become one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and on our journey we are constantly thinking about how we can do things better. One of the ways we do that is listening to our employees. Recently, we did a survey in which we asked our staff to comment on Global’s culture and what they like about working here. Here are some of the things our employees said about the Global team:

  • Global is like family; I’ve been given a lot of support from everyone on the team since I started working here
  • The Global team is very hard-working and expectations of staff are high, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun – there are lots of opportunities for us to get together to celebrate achievements and kick back with each other
  • Global is about working together with my team to make a difference in the area of health care
  • The Global team is friendly and people seem genuinely happy to be there
  • Global challenges the status quo; we are a hard-working group that retains its entrepreneurial spirit which allows us to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace
  • Successes of the team are applauded and celebrated
  • I love the support and the teamwork at Global; I can speak honestly and feel heard; I’m supported when I need it
  • I love that people take the time to talk to one another – to make sure everything is going alright
  • What I love about Global is the freedom to do my job in a supported, respectful environment

We’re not perfect, but we are working hard every day to create the kind of culture where teamwork is acknowledged, nurtured, and celebrated. Apparently, our employees agree!

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