Global Core Value #6 – Learning is a lifelong process

Imagine if ten years ago, someone told you that a cell phone you held in your hand would be capable of browsing the internet, responding to your touch, taking and storing photos and videos, allowing you to email, calling your friends via video, providing routes and maps to any destination, and downloading thousands of applications for fun and productivity for a couple of bucks, you may have thought they were crazy. You may have even thought, why would anyone want their phone to do that? Ten years is not a lot of time, and yet think of how much things have changed in the last decade.

It’s not only technology that changes, the way we look at business, people, the world economy, travel, families and child-rearing, education, relationships – they have all changed in one way or another in the last ten years. We’ve had to adapt because the things we learn change the way we think, feel, and behave. We can’t hold on to old philosophies and methods because the world keeps moving, and often the old methods don’t work in an evolving world.

Learning keeps us current, keeps our minds sharp and our intellects challenged. It comes in many ways – from life and work experience, formal education, mentors and role models, personal research and reading, workshops and seminars, and internships. At Global, we value learning, and believe it is something that should happen all the time, all your life in fact. We value it so much that we provide a $2,000 training allowance to every employee each year so that they can take advantage of opportunities to learn. Learning not only advances your skill and knowledge in a specific area, it generates confidence and competence. It helps you to innovate and create, to think critically and become a better problem-solver. It teaches you to collaborate, and to take pride in your work.

But learning is also its own reward. The acquisition of knowledge and the thrill of applying something you’ve learned in a way the changes things is an amazing experience. Global employees are encouraged to learn – in many different ways – and to keep growing in their personal and professional lives, because as a company, we’re better for it.

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