Global Core Value #7 – Innovation is the Future

We’re big on innovation at Global. In fact, it’s so important we’ve built it right in to our annual performance evaluations. That’s right, along with teamwork, quality, dependability, flexibility, and many of the other performance indicators you’d find on a typical annual review, we’ve added innovation as a performance criteria.

That means when managers sit down with employees to talk about their year, one of the things they review is what efforts the employee made to innovate in their role at Global. Did they bring new ideas to the table? Did they implement something that made them more efficient or effective? Did they find ways to use technology to improve productivity or performance? Were they able to look at a problem or challenge and come up with an innovative solution?

Innovation is part of the DNA at Global. We talk about it all the time. In fact, at every staff meeting we have a standing agenda item called the Innovation Corner. Each month someone brings an innovative idea to share with the group. We’ve shared things like Dropbox, Prezi, Wordle, Tiny URL, 99 Designs and many more ideas that keep people engaged with technology and the idea that innovation is an important part of what they do every day.

In the previous post on lifelong learning, we talked about the importance of continued learning because it changes the way we think, feel, and behave. So it is with innovation. As the world changes rapidly, we must constantly be thinking of new ways to improve our productivity, better serve our clients, manage our resources (both capital and human), and solve problems.

“Innovate or die” is the battle cry of modern business, and Global is making innovation part of its life blood in order to stay healthy and vibrant in these changing times.

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