AED Giveaway Finalists

The Kopytko Family

Our son Mitchell, was born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, he is now 10. 2 years ago my husband was also diagnosed with the disease. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is often the cause of sudden cardiac death.

The school that Mitchell attends is not equipped with an AED. As a parent I spend much of my day worrying that if he were to have a cardiac incident it would be too late by the time it was recognized, and the paramedics were called. In an effort to let him have a normal childhood, we often find ourselves in locations that are not equipped with AED’s, school field trips and camp sleepovers.

We have often thought about the benefits of being able to have life saving equipment with Mitchell at all times, and would be forever thankful to have won that piece of mind.

Fraser Valley Regional District

Although the FVRD office is close to Chilliwack Hospital, I am concerned that many of our public consultations and meetings are held in semi-remote rural areas. The portable AED would be an excellent life saving device to have on hand to ensure that if an emergency occurred, we would be able to give support to the person until medical assistance arrived on scene.

This request comes from an experience I had at a public meeting when an “elderly” man started to complain of indigestion and chest pain. Fortunately because my CPR training, I was able to calm him and have his son call for medical aid. At one point he went unconscious (but still had a heart beat) and the possibility of doing CPR became very real. Fortunately he came to and we were able to get him transferred to medical aid. However, had we not been so “lucky”, I certainly would have done CPR but as to whether that would have been enough we’ll never know.

This portable device would certainly, not only be of great value to our office in Chilliwack, but it also would give piece of mind for our semi-remote rural areas as well. 

Jim’s Gym Ltd.

After reading in the newspaper about two emergency situations at our local hockey arena where, on two separate occasions, lives were saved by the arena staff resuscitating heart attack victims using their AED I realized the importance of having an AED at a facility like ours.

We have a broad cross section of the population at our training facility with over half of our 1200 members being over the age of fifty. We are also somewhat removed from an emergency care facility.

While our staff is very well trained and present and available on the training floor situations will arise where we will need to treat clients in emergency situations. We have all been trained to use the AED so now we need one on site to use when required.

District of Peachland

Peachland is a unique community in British Columbia. We have a median age of 52 with 24.9% of our population being over the age of 65 (2006 statistics). The provincial median age is 41 with only 14.6% being over the age of 65. Peachland’s beautiful ambiance draws retired people from all over the country. 

At the community centre, we predominantly serve seniors in our programs. From quilting and other arts programs to drop in sports such as volleyball and pickleball, our average age well exceeds the 55 year average. 

Over the years we have had a number of potential cardiac issues. In one case, the patient died. A public access AED would provide piece of mine in an aging community. 

Cornerstone Christian Reformed Church of Chilliwack

We had an elderly gentleman collapse during our morning church service. He had suffered a cardiac arrest. Myself and two other first aid people – who are members of our church attended to him. We checked for a pulse and found a faint pulse, and then we had to move him to a safe location, to continue to monitor him.

It would of been reassuring to have had a AED at the church, if it needed to be used. Our congregation has several older members that could be affected with this.

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One response to “AED Giveaway Finalists”

  1. robertras says :

    I read a story about a high school basketball player who died when an AED would have saved his life. He made the game winning shot in the playoffs, then a few minutes later he was gone. Such a sad and inspirational story.

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