Shades of Blue – Dealing With Life And Limb Threatening Events At The Pattison Outpatient Centre

New to the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre? Read the introductory post to this 3-part blog series.
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This series, outlining our accomplishments at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre in Surrey, begins with looking at the work which Global conducted in developing Emergency Response Guidelines for the Centre and ensuring these guidelines properly addressed the outpatient nature of the facility.

(Announcement heard over the intercom): “Code Blue – Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre, 3rd floor, room 310.”

While it is always unfortunate when a Code Blue announcement is heard over the intercom, it is always best to be prepared for such an emergency situation.

The definition of a Code Blue and its response varies from facility to facility; however, it generally refers to a life or limb-threatening event requiring immediate medical attention. At the Pattison Outpatient Centre, the Code Blue response had to be modified to fit the outpatient nature of the facility. The Centre is not a hospital and, consequently, not all of the necessary life-saving equipment and medications are present in the facility. Additionally, as some clinics operate outside of normal business hours, a full complement of staff is not always available. For these reasons, it was clear that a specific Code Blue response was needed for the Centre to ensure that an immediate emergency response could be arranged regardless of time of day or availability of medical staff.

Together with Fraser Health, Global developed such a response and provided Code Blue training for nearly 100 medical staff at the Centre using our instructors who tailored the course to accommodate on-site training. This ensured a transfer of skills in the actual work setting.

In addition to developing a Code Blue response guide for the Centre and training those involved, Global also organized a “mock” Code Blue situation that involved representatives from each of the responding teams. A Global team member acted in the role of a patient who had a (fake) allergic reaction and needed to be “treated” by the Emergency Response Team. This event was an excellent opportunity for the Emergency Response Team to practice their skills and knowledge of the response strategy for the Pattison Outpatient Centre.

Global is a firm believer in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Utilising these two qualities, Global was able to work with the Fraser Health team to develop a Code Blue response which is timely, efficient and specific to the Centre, train the medical staff and conduct a scenario in which the relevant staff were able to solidify their skills.

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