Ki – ai!!!!! The Global Team Gets Belted!

Fresh off a recent training session with Master Black Belt Yves Laurent, the Global team is now ready to do battle with business process delays!

In recognition of the growing popularity and use of LEAN principles in healthcare settings, Global has aligned with Fujitsu Consulting to familiarize ourselves with the basic principles, and also to partner with Fujitsu’s team of LEAN experts.  

Developed by the Japanese following the Second World War, Lean principles focus of viewing the customer experience through the lenses of Quality, Cost, Delay, Customization, and Service. In doing so, the goal is to introduce an improvement pattern that is continuous in nature.

to make better

The key focus of LEAN is addressing the delays in a business process.  For example, consider a patient visit to a physician in the emergency room of a local hospital.  If he/she spends 10 minutes with a doctor, but sacrifices 120 minutes of additional time to see that doctor for 10 minutes, the process is deemed to be 8% (10/130) efficient. 

LEAN looks to reduce delays by:

  • Eliminating non-value adding activities
  • Reducing of process lead times
  • Optimizing operational efficiencies

Environments that can successfully incorporate these techniques and drive continuous improvement from the top down and the bottom up have enjoyed notable increases in operational efficiency.  

These victories can sometimes be challenging to realize, however, as it requires internal staff to look more broadly at the client experience than is typically necessary when viewing it purely from a service management hat.   

Given the subtleties of effective LEAN implementation, Global is exploring collaborative opportunities with Fujitsu.  With their team’s proven method of the Lean implementation, combined with Global’s clinical expertise, we feel we will be best positioned to tackle increasingly complex health care projects.

Stay tuned for further belt updates! 

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