Innovation is the Future

At Global Medical Services, values play a role in everything we do. We are constantly evaluating ourselves, our strategy and our goals; all to align with our core company values.

We strive to bring our core values alive and at the forefront of business. We encourage employees to think about what they do in the context of those values. We ask questions, make decisions, and conduct business in a way that reflects those values.

Innovation is one area where we keep our employees on their toes. It also happens to be one of our eight core values.

The number one thing you will ask – “how are you building an innovative environment at Global?”

Understand that thinking innovatively isn’t exactly a natural “go-to” mindset for most. Rather, we strive to cultivate this philosophy through education and an “all hands on board” approach.

For example, one way we approach this hurdle is by setting aside time for a presentation on a new innovative tool every staff meeting.

In as little as 5 minutes, one of our employees will share a presentation with the entire staff on an app, website etc., which they have found to be innovative. We call this the Innovation Corner.

So far a pretty awesome selection of tools has been brought forward:

  • Wordle – Generates word clouds
  • Prezi – Cloud based presentation software
  • TinyURL – URL shortening service
  • 99designs – Crowdsourcing platform
  • DropBox – Cloud based storage and sharing
  • – Simple screen sharing software
  • Doodle – Online meeting scheduler
  • Elance – Talent sourcing site
  • Clik – Smartphone screen controller
  • Camtasia – Video creation software
  • OneNote – Note taking software
  • Flipboard – A social magazine aggregator
  • Chrome Web Store – App store in your browser

Many of our staff have embraced these tools after watching a short Innovation Corner presentation, but none more so than Prezi.


How can we say we are innovative if we are still using dated (*snore) PowerPoint software? …We can’t!

We are doing away with PowerPoint entirely; going forward all our staff will be trained in Prezi. No more boring presentations around this office.

Another one of the ways we have encouraged our staff to think innovation first is through our company tablets.

Our tablets (an iPad and a Kindle) are available to sign-out for employees to enjoy at home or at work. Employees can use these devices to read our through our TED eBook library or our magazine subscriptions to Inc, Harvard Business Review or Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Staff can also use the tablets to assist in their presentations as well. 

We have given our employees the tools they need for innovative thinking, because as the world evolves, so must we. 

“Innovate or die” is the battle cry of modern business, and Global is making innovation part of its life blood in order to stay healthy and vibrant in these changing times.

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