Celebrate Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month and Jog4Joy!

This month at Global, we want to make a real, healthy difference. We are aligning ourselves with the goals of Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month by improving and building upon healthy lifestyle practices, workplace culture, occupational health and safety here in the office.

As a healthy lifestyle is a core focus of Canada’s Healthy Workplace month we wanted to help spread awareness for a local event called Jog4Joy; a 5K walk/run to raise awareness for mental and emotional wellness.


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The Cause

“Jog4Joy is a JOYFUL and EMPOWERING COMMUNITY EVENT raising awareness for mental and emotional wellness. Mental illness/mental health has a large umbrella that includes but not exclusive to: depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addictions, trauma, abuse, grief, poverty, postpartum, bullying and suicide.
It also reaches people suffering with other illnesses such as cancer, arthritis or chronic pain. This affects our community in a BIG way. It knows NO BOUNDARIES affecting people of all race, culture, age, gender and financial circumstances.”

For more information or to register, please visit: http://jog4joy.com/wp/

If you’d like more information about Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, visit: http://healthyworkplacemonth.ca/en/

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