Mindflex – Meetings on the Fly

For the past month or so, the team here at Global have taken the idea of a “traditional meeting” and thrown it out the window.

No longer are we bound by the confines of our chairs, we are a mobile idea machine.

Here enters Mindflex – a weekly walking meeting where we come together to discuss current topics within our organization while enjoying the west coast air (likely huddling under our umbrellas, but we do luck out with sunshine sometimes!)

Walking Meeting

One of those lucky sunny days

All you need to bring is yourself, walking shoes, creative insight and an analytic mind.

Each week, the Mindflex meeting has a brainstorming topic. For the innagural Mindflex walk, the topic was… wait for it… “How can we make Mindflex work?” 

It was as good of place to start as any and offered everyone a voice in its development. All participants were able to chime in and offer their ideas as to what makes an ideal Mindflex walk. 

Here is a summary of the ideas from our first walk: 

  • Keep it scenic—creativity can come with good distractions
  • Coffee pit stops—leisure walks are always good with a beverage in hand
  • Continuity—If innovation = creativity + action, let’s work with an idea over some time
  • The sounding board stop—a quick stop mid-way to summarize the discussion
  • How we can create demand—Let’s use the anonymous platforms to engage and connect ideas to the staff
  • Communication —If anyone asks what it is, you can reply “It’s a moving, living sounding board.”
Walking route

Always a good idea to map out your route beforehand

From this first experience, we were able to create a framework that subsequent Mindflex walks could follow. So far, Mindflex has allowed another line of communication to open up as well as the opportunity to connect with additional team members on a regular basis.

We have told you what Mindflex is about, but why do we do it? I could tell you myself, but head on over to the following blogs, they do an excellent job of explaining the benefits of walking meetings:



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